Senior Cyber Security Penetration Tester (M/W/X)

new direction Cyber Security is seeking the most talented, driven, and intelligent in offensive and defensive security experts to join our penetration testing teams to secure organizations, platforms, and products. From large-scale cloud platforms to the newest mobile applications; global financial processing to regional healthcare providers; cutting edge development environments to traditional corporate enterprises.  

In this role, you will assess real-life risks to diverse technical environments by identifying security weaknesses, actively exploit their findings, and determine additional impact through postexploitation. Given your expertise and drive, you will face various challenges, including black box network testing, insider threat assessments, credentialed application exploitation, and testing the effectiveness of human and physical controls. You will have the opportunity to personally excel while having an expert team drive you to achieve your best and back you up with the diverse challenges you will face. Occasionally, and to keep things interesting, you will switch sides to maintain a full perspective of the security landscape by providing guidance on defensive designs or assisting compliance associates on difficult technical choices. 

With ndCS, you will have the power to make a difference and face real challenges: improving environments security, advising teams on the most effective ways to address the core security problems, and solve real security problems. Challenges vary week to week and provide a wealth of experience. 

Who You Are? 
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