Risk Management Outsourcing

Outsourcing must not mean any additional risk!

As a specialist in cyber risks and security, we know the usual train of thought when it comes to outsourcing. An external company usually means an additional risk for the own assets. But what if you could outsource the assessment, monitoring and mitigation of your risks?

Customized Cyber Risk Management

Cyber Risk Management is gaining more and more attention, but you should be sure to use your resources properly and get to the root of the problem. Expensive software and hardware is often dependent on the people who configure it. 
So if you attach importance to sustainability and security in your risk management, but you lack know-how or the right personnel, then a tailor-made Cyber Risk Management by ndCS should be your first choice!

Our expert team of cyber security engineers regularly takes care of the cyber security in your company and reports regularly to the management, because cyber security is still a boss thing. So you always have the latest status of your risks in view and can concentrate on your daily business.

How it works

After we have gained an overview of your assets and processes we will jointly create an individual and customized solution for your needs adjusted monthly effort and the next steps. This process is repeated at regular intervals. In this way, we help you to continuously improve your security and minimize risks for you.

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