Loss prevention

“As a result of a single successful cyber-attack a person may lose all data, a critical infrastructure may stop working and even lead to human casualties. In my opinion cybersecurity tolerates no compromises.” – Eugene Kaspersky

Knowledge is power.

Consulting and Analysis

We find the pebbles
before they hurt in your shoe.


Open Source Intelligence. We find everything the internet knows about you and your company.

Cyber Security Awareness

Are you sure that your colleagues are well prepared for Cyber Security?

Audit and creation of cyber security rules

We help you to create your internal company cyber security rules and check for gaps.

Recovery Plan

The business continuity plan is a MUST for every company. With our help, failures in your company will be kept as short as possible.

What pentests we do for you:

Internet Application Pentest

Is your website immune to SQL injections, cross-site scripting, DoS/DDoS and other popular hacking techniques?

Mobile App Pentest

The safety of your app users has the highest priority, we put your app through its paces.

Software Pentest

Our ethnic hackers think differently than a programmer. We think like the bad guys!

API Pentest

Your API is publicly available on the WWW?
We make sure that your confidential information is not.

IoT Pentest

Are you launching a product with network access on the market? Then security should not be neglected!

Internal/external network Pentest

Attacks can come from the inside as well as from the outside. Are your assets sufficiently secured?

Advanced persistent Threat (APT)

Attacks on targets, that are normally only carried out by advanced hacker groups.

Physical securitycheck

We are not only strong behind the monitor, we take a close look at your offices.

You want to know more about pentests?
We have summarized the most important things for you!

What else we can do for you...


Would you like a second pair of eyes to check your code and to include the opinion of security experts?
We look at your code from the perspective of attackers or take over the development of software parts. Through our "best practices" you get best security in your software. Let your developers learn from us and feel the Return of Invest (RoI)!

Smart-Contract Audit

ERC-20 token? No problem!

SoC configuration

Also known as Security Operations Center. We check your needs and set up the appropriate logging and monitoring for you!

Many organizations choose to perform multiple penetration tests to protect their infrastructure from attacks as completely as possible. We are happy to put your systems through their paces.

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber security is a term that describes the defence of computer systems, servers, mobile devices, Internet of Things (e.g. coffee machines or refrigerators with a network connection), networks and also the know-how for the safe handling of these devices.
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What Cyber Security services do I need?

We carefully coordinate our services with you in a workshop! It is unlikely that you should make use of all our services. 

In the workshop an inventory of your company will be made. On the basis of the information collected, we can make recommendations. 

Give us a call, we will be happy to advise you! 

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