Interactive Awareness Training

About half of Cyber Security incidents are due to employee errors.

The current numbers on incidents and damage or live hacking are good to know, but unfortunately have little influence on the behavior of your colleagues - except creating fear of making mistakes.

This is usually the case with awareness training and after two days most people have forgotten what was discussed.


Not with us!


Our interactive workshop tailored to the participants, will show how an attacker acts and how you can defend yourself against them. In scenario based training, participants will acquire the awareness and skillsets, to be productive in reducing cyber risks.

"How do I know there's danger?" 

"How do I recognize something malicious?" 

"This e-mail looks suspicious, but I don't know what to do..."

Don't let such situations paralyze your productivity. We will show you how!


Information resources

Easy to use tips and tricks.
You never stop learning, and those who stay up to date can prepare for dangers.

Attack Sequence

Who, Why, Where, When, What and How?
If you know the process, you also recognize the possible points of contact between you and attackers / malware.

Team exercises

Knowledge becomes stronger in the mind when it is applied. Together we work through scenarios and solve them as a team.

The Goal

Each workshop participant will be able to avoid typical dangerous situations, check malicious files and if necessary know how to get help. 

The goal is a TTT system (trainer trains trainer) within your company. Trained employees serve as contact persons and trainers for their colleagues. You receive the necessary material and knowledge to train or support other colleagues. 

Target audience

The workshop is aimed at everyone who...
- interested in Cyber Security and want's to share their knowledge
- …knows nothing or little about Cyber Security

Cyber Security experts will most likely not learn anything new in this workshop, but are still welcome to create their TTT concept together with us.

The workshops are adapted to you, your business and your colleagues. This way, you can be sure that the participants understand the contents and will be able to apply and teach them to others. 

Basic computer skills are required for our workshops.