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About the ndCS

The ndCS was established in Neusäß as a joint venture by new direction GmbH and two private investors from the cyber security sector in 2018. The cooperation brings together the knowledge of the new direction in the German software market and the outstanding experience in white hat hacking.

The core competencies of ndCS lie in Cyber Security. Our services include security audits, penetrationtests, the creation of secure IT environments, as well as the provision of on-demand data and business protection. We are professionals in what we do. From analysis to solution and implementation, we are a reliable partner and service provider. Compliance with the GDPR and the secrecy and security of customer information have top priority in our daily work. We consider your company as a whole and develop and define together with you a security policy for the future based on the latest technologies. Because IT security is something for specialists!

Our mission

The digital change will challenge your company. Are you well positioned to face these challenges? Where are the security gaps and how can you protect yourself against attacks?

We find ourselves in an omnipresent threat situation. The media are increasingly reporting hostile cyber attacks, some of which paralyze entire productions and thus cause devastating financial damage, and that can threaten entrepreneurial livelihoods. Not only amounts of money, but also the theft of data and information represent an increasing risk for companies. The number of attacks is constantly increasing, becoming more sophisticated and professional. The perpetrators are usually difficult or impossible to determine.

Maybe your company has already been attacked and you didn't even notice? Our aim is to protect you from damage by testing your security. Your benefit: In the new digital world, you secure clear competitive advantages by positioning yourself as an ethically and responsibly operating company with sensitive data. Nothing can replace the trust of your customers.

In a non-binding consultation, we show you the possibility of closing security-relevant technical and organisational gaps.

We offer the full range out of one hand: From initial analysis of networks, software and servers to manual pentests, consulting and implementation of improvements. Even after security incidents we can offer help to secure and track traces. 
Thanks to the awareness of your colleagues and the increasing experience of your IT managers, you can then react better to risks and identify trends yourself.